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sql4oracle.com is dedicated to help you get the most out of sqlplus. Sqlplus is able to execute scripts and with scripts it is posible to do amazing things. From object searching (the obj script) to apps initialize (the ai script) and scripts for code generation (the proto.sql) and administrative task like add responisbility (the add_resp script), kill session (the kill script) and find and resolve locks (the locks script).

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This is the help script:

XXX> @help
sql4oracle.com - scripts for oracle applications developers
20-oct-2011 / Thomas Lundqvist
non-apps user scripts:
- @cnt <partial table name>                 - count rows in tables
- @csv <table name>                         - dumps a table to a csv file
- @ccid <code_combination_id>               - GL_CODE_COMBINATIONS seggments
- @cnt <partial object name>                - counts number of rows in multiple tables
- @desc <partial object name>               - dumps descriptions to editor file
- @dump <tablename>                         - dumps table data in list format
- @dump2 <tablename> <where clause>         - dumps table data in list format
-                                             ex: @dump2 fnd_user user_id = 8857
-                                             ex: @dump2 fnd_user "user_name = 'XXTLQ'"
- @ed <file name>                           - user defined editor in new session
- @env                                      - show connect info
- @help                                     - Show commands (this file)
- @login                                    - default execution script
- @obj <partial object name>                - find objects
- @org <partial org. name>                  - organization list
- @par <partial parameter name>             - show parameter values
- @select <table name>                      - build select statement
- @set_all                                  - sets all parameters <NB: edit setup.sql for your
-                                             requirements>
- @set_client_info <org_id>                 - set client info
- @trace                                    - starts sql trace - extecute sql - end with @trace_end
- @trace_end                                - ends sql trace - start with @trace
- @w                                        - creates and open new work script named
-                                             work_<db_name>_YYYY-MM-DD-HHMI.sql
apps user scripts:
- @activate_user <username>                 - activates developer user (pls. review/edit)
- @add_resp <username> <partial resp. name> - add responsibilities
- @ai                                       - select resp. and do apps initialize
- @api <partial package name>               - generate xls4oracle template scripts for all
-                                             procedures in package
- @del_resp <part. user> <part. resp.name>  - deletes (end dates) responsibilities
- @disable_user <username>                  - disable user
- @enable_user <username>                   - enable user
- @ext <object name>                        - extract source from database
- @header <partial object name>             - extract $header info from source
- @info                                     - show initialization info
- @inx <partil table name>                  - index list
- @kill <partial session info>              - shows all session, with "alter system kill command"
- @locks                                    - show locks
- @password <new password>                  - new password for current session
- @prof <partial profile name/value>        - list profile values
- @profile <partial profile name>           - list profiles
- @proto <partial package name>             - generate prototype scripts for all procedures in
-                                             package
- @req                                      - show conc. request
- @req2 <request id>                        - restart conc. request
- @reqftp                                   - show conc. request - submit reqftp2
- @reqftp2 <request id>                     - ftp out and log from request
- @save_profile_site <prof.name> <value>    - saves a profile value on site level
- @save_profile_user <prof.name> <value>    - saves a profile value on user level
- @setup                                    - prompts for username and generates new set_all.sql
- @sob                                      - list all gl set of books
- @spool <code>                             - creates spoolname with timestamp and code
- @tab <partial table name>                 - table list
- @tabinx <partial table name>              - table index list
- @user_password <user> <password>          - updates user password
- @views <partial table name>               - list views
- @wf_invflxwf <order no> <line no>           - run oecogs workflow for a order line
- @wf_oecogs <order no> <line no>           - run oecogs workflow for a order line
-                                             trace workflow for cogs account generation


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