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Oracle dates and leap seconds…

Leap seconds is like leap years… – some times we need to adjust the UTC clock to the earth rotation. Since 1958, we had 34 leap seconds ajustments. Last ajustment was 31-dec-2008 – and some oracle servers did reboot because … Continue reading

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The info.sql scripts has been updated

The info.sql script will now show more apps initilaize info. All values of the ar_system_parameters, oe_system_parameters, ap_system_parameters, ce_system_parameters, cs_system_parameters, po_system_parameters financial_system_parameters is now shown.

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Oracle dates

┬áThis post will show how the oracle date is working and how it is not working when working with dates around year zero. This post will also show that the year zero exists in oracle. Pls. alter date format to … Continue reading

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