These scripts will generate the forms trigger and database package code for:

  • insert_row
  • update_row
  • delete_row
  • lock_row

  When creating custom build forms for Oracle Applications, you start with the template form. These scripts will generate the triggers needed for the customized form to behaive like an Oracle Applications form. Specially the lock_row, with “Changed by another user…” functionality. There are two parts: one for the forms triggers and one for the database package. The script will generate two new scripts: a script ready for paste into the template form, and a script for creating the database package for the form. The scripts presumes you name the block the same as the database table name. Typically you would create a view on top of the database table including all the id lookups.   The first script will generate the code for the forms triggers:   syntax: @cre_forms_pkg <block_name/table_name>   @cre_forms_pkg (0 downloads)   The second script will generate the code for database triggers called by the forms triggers:   syntax: @cre_table_pkg <block_name/table_name>   @cre_forms_pkg (0 downloads)

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