The Apps Initialize will prepare the oracle session as when you login into oracle applications. Among the things it does is setting the client_info that is used in all the org specific views. If the client info is not set all these views will be empty. Pls. use the info.sql script to some of info that is setup by the apps initialize. This script will present you with all your responsibilites and let you select one. Optionaly put it in your login.sql to do apps initialize when starting sql*plus.  After an apps initialize, @info will show most of the settings. The script has been R12 enabled, to handle single org initialization. The script will call the mo_global.set_policy_context, with proper values for the selected responsibility. Example: SQL> @ai xxtlq APPS INITIALIZE ----------------------------- Copyright 2007 Thomas Lundqvist Consulting connect APPS@VIS XXTLQ - Thomas Lundqvist    ID RESP_NAME                     ORG_ID EXE ----- ----------------------------- ------ ------------------------------     1 Advanced Supply Chain Planner 204    begin fnd_global.apps_initi...     2 Inventory                     204    begin fnd_global.apps_initi...     3 Oracle Inventory              204    begin fnd_global.apps_initi...     4 Order Management Super User   204    begin fnd_global.apps_initi...     5 System Administrator          204    begin fnd_global.apps_initi... select responsibility id 4 Apps initialized with: 'Order Management Super User' - org_id = 277 -- begin --   fnd_global.apps_initialize(8854,51524,201,0); --   mo_global.set_policy_context('S',204); -- end; SQL> syntax: @ai <user name> @ai (0 downloads)

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