This script will save a profile value on site level. This is very handy for developers to switch profiles for testing different setup by maintaing a script with the different values:

-- test env1
@save_profile_site XX_INBOUND_ORDER_MAIL test2@mail.com
-- test env2
@save_profile_site XX_INBOUND_ORDER_MAIL test2@mail.com

The script is using the fnd_profile.save  procedure. The previous value is shown, just copy/paste to rollback. The script is commiting. SQL> @save_profile_site XX_FROM_MAIL thomas.lundqvist@xls4oracle.com copyright 2009 - Thomas Lundqvist Consulting @save_profile_site 'XX_FROM_MAIL' 'xxx@hotmail.com' Profile XX_FROM_MAIL = 'thomas.lundqvist@dako.com' Elapsed: 00:00:01.09 SQL>   syntax: @save_profile_site <PROFILE_NAME> <PROFILE_VALUE>     @save_profile_site (0 downloads)

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